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  1. WW genuinely cares for its customers and employees. Rover and Wag are just for profit generated companies. They are the uber/lyft services to pets. Wag takes 40% per service per customer from their independent contractors and Rover takes 20%.
  2. WW stands a higher probability of retention rates of our workers (in %) than Rover and Wag. We have the opportunity to offer some sort of benefits and promote incentives! The things that Wag and Rover does not offer at this time causing many workers to leave with their customers and start their own business! (I have met many walkers who went Rogue from Wag and Rover).
  3. The risk for accidents, injuries and low customer reviews are higher with Wag and Rover because there is no one to take accountability. Hence the higher end market does not use their services as much. These pets are these customers’ babies. They would rather pay someone referred by the next door neighbor than to use Wag or Rover services. PS. To date Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing you will ever get for your business. It is free and most effective. 
  4. Wag and Rover do have a wider client base because they are spread all over across the United States. Smaller companies like WW are not capable of individually competing with both massive companies because of those numbers. Mostly because there are too many independent walkers all over the place! But collectively we are a force to be reckoned with. Despite how tiny we are as individuals, we are still Wag and Rover’s biggest threats to date! We are the reason they are unable to grow massively in each individual building. For every Wag customer we came across in The Ashland we had 5 clients. 

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