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  • Plenty of exercise for our client’s dogs each day

  • Checking the dog’s food and water supply to make sure basic needs are met after a walk completion

  • Notifying owners and pursue veterinary attention for any dog that becomes sick or injured while under our supervision

  • We have our clients complete a document listing with their contact information, their vet’s contact information, and other important information about the dog (age, breed, weight, medical conditions, current medications, etc.)

  • We use Pet Check technology

  • Our walkers scan in and scan out the barcode placed in your residence, giving you the exact time of care

  • Upon arrival and departure of every appointment, pet owners receive an email or mobile push notification alert with important details of the visit

  • Pet check technology provides GPS Visit Tracking maps that show time elapsed points of where your pet was walked.

  • Pet owners can leave notes for their walkers or sitters to keep them informed of important updates.

  • Your dog walker or pet sitter can take photos during the visit for you to see just how happy and safe your pet is with your caregiver.

  • You can request, edit or cancel appointments through the Pet Check scheduling tool. Confirmation will be returned via email or mobile push notification, assuring that your pet will be taken care of when you need it most.

  • And of course lots of love, care and dedication for each of our furry clients

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