Dog Walking

Making it a fun experience

In this photo we have Bailey, a Beagle and Golden retriever mix. As seen, he is smiling while walking. Most dogs like Bailey love human interaction by simply calling their name and speaking with them. It is important that while you are at work, you can trust that someone is providing just as much care as you do to your loved one. 


At Wiggle Waggle, we understand that most dog owners are gone for an extended period of time throughout the day. Research has shown that a dog is likely to experience anxiety during your absence. Therefore we try to make the walking experience very interactive and fun by jogging or fast paced walking, giving treats for rewarded behavior and continuously speaking with all our clients. We are in the habitual practice of taking pictures from time to time of your pets just to reassure you that they are having a good time.  

Making a connection

In this photo we have Miss Georgia who is seen in an elevator on her return trip home. She is trying to interpret the language spoken to her, but more significantly she is very happy. She got her full work out for her afternoon walk and she is ready to relax until her family returns home.


We aim to be one of the best by providing superior service that serves in the interest of your dog. We try our best to cater to everyone. To get more information on our prices you can check out our Book Online , send us an email or call us. We are here for you!

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!


We believe that every dog and cat should be in the comfort of its home. At Wiggle Waggle we offer pet-sitting in the clients home. 

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