To be a happy dog also means to be a clean one. Just like us, dogs love their pampering and with Wigglee Waggle we want to make things easier for you. Instead of coming to us, we go to you. 

We offer a variety of packages at extremely low and competitive prices. Please check below:

  • Shampoo and Condition ($30 - $50)

    • Using your preferred pet products or we can provide our own​

    • Cleaning of ears 

    • Brushing of teeth

    • Trimming of paw nails

  • Trimming and styling of body hair ($75 - $125)

    • Shampoo and condition package​

    • Drying and dematting of hair with blow dryer and brush

    • Carefully inspecting that all body hair is dematted before trimming

    • Trimming of hair with an electrical hair clipper and scissors where necessary

    • Clean up and discarding of hair waste after dog has been groomed 

  • Doggy massage ($10)

    • 15 minute rubbing and stretching of all dog limbs

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